About Iko
 Iko Hini is a Japanese/Russian/American Utauloid created by Wakachii the founder of this webpage. She belongs to of Humanoid Cats which a basiclly cats who have the ability to become humans. Her basic information is down bellow. (╯✧∇✧)╯
Ito (糸) is a Japanese noun meaning "thread; yarn; string",and is also used as a surname meaning "wisteria" in Japan.
Rini- (小兎) is a Japanese uncommon given name meaning "little bunny".
Gender: Female
Age: 8 Human Years/ 15 Humanoid Cat Years 
Height: 145cm
Weight: 71kg
Ito does not yet have a voice, so she is currently known as a voiceless Utauloid. She dreams of singing just like the rising star Teto.
Random Facts:
• Humanoid Cats like Ito Rini, have a certain possible age. To find out their age in both Human and Cat years the reseacher would need to find out the Human age first then subtract it from the cats age by 35. That will be their current true age which affects their appearences.
• Ito has the body of an 11/12 year old due to the mixture of being 8 and 15. 
• Not having Tea for more than 1 week will drive Ito insane. (Not literally)
• Ito has a sweet tooth and is always craving for sweets. (Especially loves sweet tea)
• Ito's cat form along with her parents are
• Often in more than 3 different hair styles, Ito's bun is the most common.
• Ito's eyelashes are lighter than her eye color.
• If you look closely Ito has a peachy red under her eyes, No one knows if It's due to lack of sleep or natural.


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