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Iko's Humanoid Cat Form

Iko's Utauloid Clothing

Iko can only show her tail and her ears when all of her clothes are off. (Making her feel comfortable.) When this happens she can choose wether or not to stay as a Humanoid and become a Cat. She often becomes a cat when she gets nervous, feels sad/guilty/anger, or shocked. She doesn't nessiesarly have to be out of her clothes when changing, Sometimes her emotions forces her to change.
Iko often wears this clothing when preforming on stage, or most likely just singing in general. 
The three marks on her legs tend to glow in the dark along with her flower headphones. She creates a image as if there we some kinda of ghost in the room. She almost never shows her hands when wearing clothing making it difficult for her hold items. Although she does hold tea-cups just fine.